Wings of the Great War

The unknown air operations across the Greek territory.
Historical Series Documentary Episodes: 05

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Five airfields unknown to general public, each one strategically valuable, shaped the progress of the Great War and changed the tides of history forever.

Many different and unknown stories became chained with those airfields.

Tales of boldness and courage were marked as legends among the collective memory of the people that lived by the airstrips. It is no coincidence that veterans that became adept in flying over the Greek skies and the theater of operations over the Aegean, were later called to back up the efforts of science to reach and expand the limits of technology and human physiology even further.

Aerial reconnaissance and observation, bombardment, “dogfighting” and anti-naval warfare were few of the different roles that the competing aviators had to manage over the Greek territory. Fearless men, strangers – taken from the ends of the world, but also Greeks. Defeated the fear of the unknown, with defiance for death, they flew with primitive flying machines made of cloth and wood. They fought over the skies of Macedonia & Aegean. Some of them, never returned home.

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For the first time, unique facts come to the spotlight: official military documents, diplomatic correspondence, logbooks and rare photos. Unique evidence for five airports unknown to the general public, each with its own strategic value and history, played an important role turning the tides of the war and shaping the final outcome in this corner of the world map.



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